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March 7, 2019
Grinding Disc 6”x1/4”x7/8” (5 Pack)
April 23, 2019
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Grinding Disc 6″x1/8″x7/8″ (10 Pack)


Name Range Discount
Grinding Disc 6″x1/8″x7/8″ 1 - 2 0 %
Grinding Disc 6″x1/8″x7/8″ 3 - 5 10 %
Grinding Disc 6″x1/8″x7/8″ 6 - 999 15 %
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Elite™ Depressed Grinding Disc for metal and stainless steel.

6”x1/8”x7/8” (10 Pack)

Elite™ Depressed Type 27 Grinding Discs designed to deliver top performance for both Steel & Stainless Steel applications. Highest quality abrasive grain with greater hardness and wear resistance. Heavily triple-reinforced for absolute safety.

Free of iron, chlorine and sulfur. Will not contaminate stainless steel.

Probably the best choice for pipeline construction and pipe fabrication.

Please note: Price is for 10 discs (1 pack)


Width: 6”

Thickness: 1/8”

Arbor bore: 7/8”

Cutting type: Type 27 (Depressed Center)

Conforms with: ANSI B7.1 and EN12413 Standard



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