Cutting Disc 6″x1/16″x7/8″ Depressed
March 7, 2019
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Cutting Disc 7″x1/16″x7/8″ Depressed


Name Range Discount
Cutting Disc 7″x1/16″x7/8″ 1 - 20 0 %
Cutting Disc 7″x1/16″x7/8″ 21 - 50 15 %
Cutting Disc 7″x1/16″x7/8″ 51 - 999 25 %
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Elite™ Cut-off wheels for metal and stainless steel.


Elite™ cut-off wheels equally show high results, in comparison with competitors, regardless of the type of product you are working– Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel or Ferrous Metals.


*Extra-fast cutting with less pressures
*Burr-Free cut off performance

*Two reinforce Net provide maximum safety and unsurpassed performance

*Low noise & dust & vibration.

*Probably the best cutting disc on the market


Width: 7”

Thickness: 1/16” (.062”)

Arbor bore: 7/8”

Cutting type: Type 42 (Depressed Center)


Conforms with: ANSI B7.1 and EN12413 Standard